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Health and Innovation

At EWH, we have evolved to become one of the trusted authorities on all aspects of prenatal care including normal and high risk pregnancy monitoring, nutrition, and exercise during pregnancy. Our emphasis on nutrition, education and innovation has made possible quantum leap advancement during labor and delivery. These have helped maintain excellent standards of care for the industry and a new benchmark of success for patients.

Raising the bar

Today, due to our comprehensive and integrated approach to pregnancy and delivery, we have one of the lowest cesarean section rates in NJ (11%), as compared to the national average of 32%. This has resulted in a lower risk for pregnant mothers and their babies.

Improving outcomes

How did we achieve our success? The answer required getting several steps exactly right and with each effort that we put in at EWH, we inched closer to improving outcomes towards healthy moms and babies.

Cesarean Section

We do realize that some patients may need cesarean sections. Dr. Shah is highly skilled in routine and complicated cesarean sections and other . She uses techniques to promote good post-op healing. We also have consultation with Anesthesiologists to improve post-op pain management to make this a seamless experience for our patients, so they can focus on creating beautiful memories with their precious newborns.

Postpartum Care

Pregnancy and postpartum period is a very emotional time for patients. At EWH, we are genuinely committed to making this a memorable experience for our new moms. Our staff is trained to provide patient centered care customized to the individual patient needs. Under our caring compassionate environment we help new moms negotiate the ups and downs of their often overwhelming postpartum period. We have trained nutritionists, lactation specialists and psychologists to help the patient feel confident and prepared to face the challenges of this phase of their new life. We have physical therapists that can assist with their postpartum pain and musculoskeletal issues.

Breast feeding

We have Certified and trained Lactation Consultants who can help new moms breastfeed through education, support and encouragement. They help promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother We use the philosophy of the LaLeche league as guiding principles. Human milk is the natural food for babies, uniquely meeting their changing needs. Mothering through breast feeding is a natural and effective way of understanding and satisfying the needs of the baby. Mother and baby need to be together early and often to establish a satisfying breastfeeding relationship and adequate milk production.

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